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About Golly Miss Molly Labradoodles

We are William and Marzella Comeau, members of the Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA) and proud parents of our Molly girl – a beautiful, blonde Australian Miniature Labradoodle.

We acquired Molly from Jennie Blume, owner of Swinging Gate Australian Labradoodles ALCA. Our Molly is the product of two authentic, purebred Miniature Labradoodles of highest quality! Her parents have been documented and certified of lineage.  Currently, Molly has become a mother of her own babies.  She was bred with an ALCA male Australian Labradoodle, owned by Jennie Blume. Both mother and father, at full growth, weigh approximately 20 pounds each. Molly is blonde/ apricot in color and non-shedding. She has a playful disposition, and enjoys playing fetch and catch. She is also crate trained as it is a comfortable place where she loves to sleep.  Molly is a cherished part of our family, and we are confident her puppies will be the same for you! 

We take great care in finding a home for our puppies, as it is our goal to provide the most loving environment for them. They are to be available for adoption shortly.

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